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Wildlife Photography and Filmmaking – Caine Scrimgeour –Friday 31st March 2023

Last night Caine Scrimgeour, a wildlife filmmaker, part-time lecturer at the University of Cumbria and director of Wild Intrigue joined us to talk about his work as a wildlife photographer and filmmaker.

During the first part of the evening Caine described a project he’d embarked on to set up a number of camera traps to follow the activities and behaviours of badgers during the night time, and the problems and challenges he encountered along the way. This was a really interesting insight into how long the whole process takes and the very detailed research and planning that has to take place before any images are captured. A need for patience a definite prerequisite!

After the break Caine talked about the TV programme ‘Life in the Forest’ with which he was involved. The programme showed the life of the inhabitants of Kielder Forest through the four seasons of the year. This illustrated very clearly that not everything is what it seems when the TV programme is viewed!

Our thanks to Caine for an interesting and entertaining evening.

A reminder that next week is Good Friday, so there is no meeting; the following week, 14th April is the Image of the Year Competition when Richard Spiers will be the judge.

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