Programme 2021/22 (DRAFT)

September 2021

10th Sept 2021 -  Enrolment and Chairperson's introduction - social buffet at Sue                                         Phillips' garden.  18:00 start.

17th Sept 2021  - Peter Dixon ARPS DPAGB APAGB "Printers Pie - Mono" - ZOOM                                       presentation    

24th Sept 2021  -  John Gravett ARPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE4*

                             Workshop - ZOOM presentation


                             Hand in for 1st Open

October 2021

1st October  -   Christine Widdall MPAGB, EFIAP, FBPE, APAGB, HonLCPU                                                 "Portfolio" - ZOOM presentation 



8th October  -    1st Open Competition - Judge - John Williams MPSA, EFIAP/b, DPAGB

                           Hand in for 2nd Open Competition - VIA ZOOM

15th October  -  Paula Davis FRPS, EFIAP/s, EPSA and Guy Davis ARPS, EFIAP, EPSA                                  "Double Act 2" - ZOOM PRESENTATION

                          Paula Davis (

                          Guy Davis (


22nd October  -  Campbell Skinner DPAG, BPE2* "Sport and Event photography with                                 other things"- ZOOM PRESENTATION


                          For up to date posts see campbellskinnerphoto on INSTAGRAM

29th October  -  Members evening.  Prepare for presentation to Whickham PS

 November 2021

5th November  -  2nd Open Competition - Judge Kevin Hilton (Hexham) - VIA ZOOM

                            Hand in for 3rd Open Competition

6th November -  Western Area Battle hosted by Carlisle -Via Zoom. Judge Libby Smith                               MPAGB, HonPAGB, EFIAP, HonSPF 

                           Smith, Libby - Carluke Camera Club (

12th November - Workington and District CC presentation to Whickham PS - ZOOM                                    presentation

19th November  - David Lowe ARPS, AFIAP, DPAGB "Black and White Conversion" -                                     ZOOM presentation



26th November  - Roger Hance FRPS, AFIAP, DPAGB, BPE5*

                             "Capturing the Decisive Moment" -  VIA ZOOM


December 2021

3rd December  -  3rd Open Competiton - Judge David Woodthorpe CPAGB, PPSA                                     - VIA ZOOM

                            Hand in for 4th Open Competition

10th December  - Presentation by Whickham PS - ZOOM presentation



17th December  - Mike Sharples MFIAP MPAGB FBPE ARPS EFIAP

                             "Iceland" - ZOOM presentation


24th December  - Happy Christmas - No Meeting

31st December  - Happy New Year - No Meeting

January 2022

7th January  -    4th Open Competition Theme "Mono". Judge Stuart Edgar PPSA,                                   CPAGB, EFIAP, LBPPA  

                         Hand in for Landscape Competition

14th January  - John Gravett ARPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE4*

                         Photos 2021


21st January  - Penrith and District CC to present to WDCC

28th January  -  Alison Taylor ARPS

                         "Coastal Photography" - ZOOM presentation


February 2022

4th February  - Scapes Competition - Judge John McVie EFIAP, DPAGB, APAGB 

                        Hand in for People Comp

11th February  - Barbie Lindsay MPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP/s, AWPF

                          Rusty Lindsay MPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP, AWP

                         "Zoom in with B&R".  Eclectic mix of work - Zoom presentation


18th February  - Cherry Larcombe EFIAP, ARPS, DPAGB, BPE5*

                          Creative flower photography - Zoom presentation


25th February  - Copeland Photographic Society to present to WDCC

March 2022

4th March  -       People Competition - Judge Maybeth Jamieson (Dumfries) CPAGB

                          Hand in for Image of the Year - Print & DPI


11th March  -     Morton Photographic Society to present to WDCC

17th March  -     3 way Battle with Copeland and Morton hosted by Morton

18th March  -     John Fare - 2021 perspective and introduction to near infra red                                        photography

25th March  -    Image of the Year Competition - Judge Alan Walker MPAGB, MPSA,                                 ARPS, EFIAP


April 2022

1st April  -        Libby Smith  "Finding Inspiration"

                        Smith, Libby - Carluke Camera Club (

8th April  -       Chairman's Challenge Theme "Movement"- Judge John Fare

15th April  -     Good Friday - No Meeting

22nd April  -    Annual Dinner

                       Presentation of trophies, etc.

                       Presentation of President's Trophy

29th April  -   A G M

                      Have Your say, look after Your Club