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western area battle 2 december 2023

A summary of the results of the WAB competition held at The Victory Hall in Dalston on 2 December 2023 is as follows

Overall scores


Carlisle Dumfries Keswick Dalston Penrith West Cumbria Workington

Prints 99 113 107 102 105 96 103

PDIs 93 111 111 99 97 97 105

TOTAL 192 224 218 201 202 193 208

Position 7th 1st 2nd 5th 4th 6th 3rd

Many thanks to all those members whose submissions were considered for selection and congratulations to the members whose images were selected to represent the club. The overall result of 3rd place is a very good result for the club and all members should be proud of the achievement.

For detail results please se the Members Area - General Topics

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