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Friday 28th October 2022- Martin Patten – Critiquing your own Images.

Last night we welcomed Martin Patten, via zoom, with his presentation, ‘Critiquing your own Images’. Martin is Chair of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs and an enthusiastic photographer.

Before the break his talk challenged us to think about:

· Why we were taking the photograph and to think about the audience.

· The emotion of the image - think about when you review your images, is it better to leave them for a while after you have taken them so that you can divorce yourself from your emotional attachment? When you do look through them, look with a critical eye. It helps to verbalise or write down your critique because it makes you look at them differently.

· What is good about your image? A good image is one that communicates with the audience.

Things to consider:

i)The viewpoint – does it work?

ii) The composition

iii) Should it be in colour or monochrome?

iv) Does it have any technical issues?

v) Is it presented effectively?

vi) What makes a winner? It needs that extra element?

After the break Martin showed us some of the images he had taken, some good and some not so good, and asked us to cast a critical eye over them; in effect to become judges.

Thank you to Martin for an entertaining and very informative talk. He has certainly left us with plenty of food for thought!

A reminder that next week John McVie will be with us to judge our 2nd open competition, and images for the 3rd open are due in.

Tickets for the Western Area Battle will also be on sale, £5 each including refreshments.

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