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Astrophotography, A Beginner’s Guide – Richard Jakobson - Friday 24th February 2023


Last night Richard Jakobson, a member of Keswick Photographic Society joined us to give a talk on Astrophotography. Richard has been taking images of the stars for about the last 5 years, and in the first half of his talk he took us on a journey into the Milky way with some stunning images. He gave us an overview on what should be considered in order to take these kind of images.

· Planning absolutely essential. Survey an area in the day light.

· Check the night sky with a programme such as Stellarium (free version available).

· Time of year and location affects how the Milky Way looks.

· Consider the phase of the moon. A full moon can be too bright; consider when it rises and sets.

· Weather forecast!


· Tripod

· Any DSLR/Mirrorless camera

· Wide, fast lens as possible. (14-24mm ideal)

· Lens warmer if out in cold for long periods.

· Headtorch with red lamp

· Hat and gloves.

· Lots of thermal layers!!

Richard then went on to talk about camera settings and how he processes his images. He uses Sequator (free) to stack sky images and then Photoshop and Lightroom.

After the break he took us deeper into space into the ‘Dark Sky’ and talked further about how he goes about taking these images and the additional equipment required. Definitely a hobby for insomniacs!

Our thanks to Richard for a very interesting and enjoyable evening.

A reminder that next week Gerald Chamberlain will be judging the People Competition.

Images for the Image of the Year Competition should be with the Competition Secretary by 10th March, but if you are able to get the PDIs of prints and PDI entries in before that it would be greatly appreciated. E mails will be sent reminding competition winners which images are already included. All member, irrespective of whether they have any images already included, are entitled to enter 2 print and 2 PDI entries chosen from any they have made to this season’s competitions.

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