Towards the Edge- Presentation by Zoom – Sue O’Connell and Peter Brisley – 25th September 2020

Last night we were entertained by the travels Sue and Peter have been on over the last 10 to 15 years. Their journeys have taken them to Syria and The Lebanon (before wars and destruction). In The |Lebanon we were able to see the wonderful and varied landscapes of the Sahara Desert and experience the Desert Festival. In Syria we saw images of Palmyra before its’ destruction, also Aleppo.

We were then transported to Oman and the excitement of camel racing and some of the amazing architecture to be found. Further travels took us on to Indonesia, Myanmar, India and Mongolia.

The images portrayed the customs, faces, costumes, festivals and architecture of all these different places. A memorable evening, enjoyed by all who saw it. Our thanks to Sue and Peter.

Next week Dave and Angie Tucker will present ‘Pics wot I like’ by Zoom

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