Roger Hance – Wildlife in our Gardens – Friday 16th April 2021.

Last night we were joined by Roger Hance, a wildlife photographer from East Anglia, for our last speaker presentation of this season.

Roger talked about how to attract wildlife (mainly birds), to your garden to enable you to photograph them. We learned many tricks of the trade – from setting up logs and perches which contained food for the birds, but hidden from view of the photographer, to how to put stones into ponds to create shallow areas for the birds to bathe in. He also showed us how he sets up camouflage netting at either the door of his shed or his French windows to conceal himself and the camera when taking the images.

He showed us many superb images not only of birds in flight and squabbling over food, but also of frogs in his pond, damsel flies, dragon flies, butterflies and moths.

Roger also supplied links to his YouTube videos showing further ideas about how to set up your garden to attract wildlife, and how he goes about getting his images. Our thanks to Roger for an extremely informative and interesting evening.

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