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Presentation by John Fare – Friday 18th March 2022.

Club member, John Fare gave us a 2-part presentation. During the first part of the evening John spoke about his interest in Near Infra-Red Photography. Following a brief introduction where he told us exactly what near infra-red photography was and how it works, and also the kit necessary. He then showed us the effects that using filters with different wave lengths have on images, and the effects they can produce, ranging from contrasty black and white images, to those with false colours.

He also detailed some of the challenges and problems of taking infra-red images, and also some of the benefits.

Following the break, we enjoyed some of the images he had taken throughout 2021, many of them being nature, ranging from birds in flight to otters on Mull and red deer. He had also taken images at several sporting events; quad bike racing, Gelt Gladiator, Tour of Britain and Canoe slaloming. Some great images!

Our thanks to John for an interesting and enjoyable evening.

A reminder that next week Alan Walker will be judging our Image of the Year Competition. Images for the Chairman’s Challenge (2 PDI’s – Movement) should be with Jane by Friday 1st April. Also on the 1st April Libby Smith will be presenting a talk ‘Finding Inspiration’.

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