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‘Pics wot I like’ Dave and Angie Tucker- Friday 2nd October 2020

Last night we were joined by Dave Tucker (without his wife, Angie, who was unfortunately unwell), to give their presentation of ‘Pics wot I like’. The presentation included a wide range of images, including infrared – black and white and colour - composite images, animals, studio shots, still life and landscapes from around the UK.

Dave explained that many of the images shown, although having achieved many awards, were mostly images that they really liked, particularly the composite images which utilised many figures from re-enactments put into a wide range of other settings.

Thanks to Dave for a really inspirational evening.

Next week John McVie will be judging our first open competition.

All images (up to 4 DPI’s), for the second open competition should also be submitted by next Friday, 9th October.

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