Peter Dixon – Printer’s Pie – Friday 17th September 2021

Last night we were joined, via Zoom, by Peter Dixon from the Whickham Photographic Club. Peter, a printer by trade, gave us a talk entitled Printer’s Pie. His images were mainly black and white. The first half of the evening centred around images taken in the north east, many of them in and Newcastle City centre.

Peter likes to work in projects. He finds that this gives his photography more challenge and focus. We saw a selection from several of these including, Lines, Abandonment, Bricks, The Americana Music Festival, The Coast and Churches where every image had to include a cross.

He likes to take many of his images after it has rained, highlighting the effect of the shadows and reflections in the wet streets, pavements and buildings.

Many of his images focus in on detail, for example hands, parts of musical instruments, facial expressions and details, parts of furniture, rather than the full object, thus adding drama and originality to the image.

After the break we were taken on a whistle stop tour of other cities in the UK including Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and London. All giving him many photographic opportunities.

He uses mainly Lightroom to convert his images to monochrome, and only sometimes ventures into Photoshop. Peter follows Serge Romelli for tips on using Lightroom.

Our thanks to Peter for an interesting and stimulating evening. A great start to our new season.

A reminder that images for the first open competition should be with Jane by WEDNESDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER, and images for the Western Area Battle should be with Brian by SUNDAY 26th SEPTEMBER.

Next week John Gravett makes a welcome return to demonstrate how he goes about working his magic on an image, turning it from a flat, raw file into a stunning image (hopefully!). He will look at a number of our images and talk about the way he goes about processing them.

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