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Paula and Guy Davis – Double Act 2 -Friday 15th October 2021.

Last night the husband-and-wife photography team Paula and Guy Davis joined us via zoom to share and talk about some of their images taken in a variety of locations in this country and across Europe. Paula also showed us what she got up to during lockdown.

Guy began the talk with a series of images illustrating his careful observations of street furniture, shop windows, churches, the people and also many spiral staircases from a range of different angles. He also demonstrated his ability to play with perspective to give a different point of view of a subject.

A range of mono shots illustrated many of the back streets of London at night.

We were also treated to images of the stunning architecture to be found in both Valencia and Bilbao.

After the break Paula continued the theme of mono images showing a range of architecture styles, with some of her images highlighting close up details. Paula also likes to take shots of dereliction and within these find ‘landscapes.’

She also shared some of the images taken during lockdown; these included many flowers from her garden and the local florist, using a range of textured backgrounds to compliment the flowers. She used the ‘blend-if’ function in Photoshop to easily and accurately select the flower and place it on a background of her choice.

Paula also talked about how she uses her iPhone to take images. She particularly enjoys using the PhotoSplit App to shoot multiple exposures.

Our thanks to Paula and Guy for an entertaining and informative evening.

Next week Campbell Skinner will be joining us, via zoom, with his presentation Sport and Event Photography with other things.

NOTE: I'm not sure that Paula gave the correct name of the app she used. PhotoSplit is typically used for splitting images in a grid on Instagram not multi exposure. Multi exposure apps for iPhone and Android readily available.

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