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Members Practical night, Studio Lighting / Portraiture 20 January 2023

Last night was a practical where Brian set up the Club’s and his own studio lights to show members the different types of portraiture lighting from Rembrandt to Holywood and demonstrating hard light versus soft light. He demonstrated the difference between using single and dual lights at different power levels and how to use a reflector. In the initial instances modelling lights were used then flash was used. Key and fill light was also demonstrated. Members were allowed to take images using wireless triggers attached to their cameras.

Later Brian demonstrated different types of modifiers that can be used such as snoots and barn doors to achieve different effects.

Many thanks to John Gravett and Brian Moore for being very co-operative models.

Next week is another members evening where we are invited to either make a presentation or show an A/V to the club. Please let Brian know if you intend to make a presentation.

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