Meeting 25th October 2019

Because Copeland Photographic Society were unable to join us this week David Price stepped into the breach and gave us a very interesting and entertaining journey around Vietnam. David had been on a walking holiday there earlier in the year and he showed some of the many images, mostly of the people, he had taken.

He took us from the bustling streets of Hanoi (where there are 3,000,000 motor bikes!), to the rice fields and villages of the Vietnamese countryside.

After the break, David continued with a short presentation of how he uses photoshop to manipulate many of his images, again mostly of people. Most of us can only wander how he does it!

To conclude the evening John Fare gave a short presentation on how images should be sized correctly for competitions. A copy of his presentation has been added to the ABOUT section on the website.

Next week Tom Stenhouse will be our judge for the 2nd Open Competition; and a reminder that all entries for the 3rd open need to be in by then.

On 21st November we will be visiting Morton Camera Club and anyone who is prepared to do a short presentation is asked to contact Brian Coley as soon as possible.

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