Living with the Nomads and Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Presentation on 27 November 2020

John and Rosamund Macfarlane will present two talks to Workington and District Camera Club.

Living with the Nomads and Eagle Hunters of Mongolia- A PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY

In late winter, 2018, John and Rosamund Macfarlane, very keen travellers and photographers, returned to Mongolia to travel in Central (Buddhist) and Western (Muslim Kazakh) Mongolia. The talk will provide an intimate glimpse of the life, work and culture of the nomadic people of rural Mongolia.

They travelled over the roadless terrain in an old 4WD Russian van with two companions and two guides, sometimes on ice and snow. They visited and lived with several families in their isolated gers, where they tend to their animals in this sparsely populated, barren and mountainous landscape. Their animals are essential to the family’s wellbeing and survival through the long harsh winters. In spite of their hard life, the nomads preserve their culture of hospitality, food, dress, animal husbandry, and traditions such as hunting with eagles. They stayed with three separate Kazakh eagle hunting families in the Altai mountains in the far West of Mongolia, where the skills of keeping and flying eagles are passed down the generations, and they accompanied them up into the mountains on horseback to watch eagles being trained and hunting.

This way of life is increasingly threatened by climate changes and the pressures of ‘modern life’, and over half of Mongolia’s population now live in the overcrowded and highly polluted capital - Ulaanbaatar - in central Mongolia.

The talk will be richly illustrated by photographs and videos and will weave a story about this uncommonly visited country.


Under and over water photography: Lakes, becks, spills, pools and pots

In this short show John and Rosamund Macfarlane will present a glimpse of their

developing experience of exploring lakes and mountain becks, mostly in the Lake District, using underwater, split and over water photography to demonstrate the hidden natural world under the water, and the reflections and the wonderfully dynamic nature of the water surface from both above and below

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