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From Print 2 Perfection with Colin Hulley from PermaJet 27th September 2019

Last night we were joined by several members from other camera clubs in the area to listen to Colin Hulley from PermaJet.

This presentation covered the importance of using the correct profile for the paper and printer combination and how images can look significantly different when printed on different papers. Permajet offer free profiling for printers using their papers. He used a selection of papers from the Photo, Fine Art and Baryta ranges by Permajet to print images supplied by club members.

He also demonstrated that printers with more inks such as photo and matt black inks can produce different results. In addition he highlighted the importance of always using inks from the same supplier since different ink suppliers may have slightly different tones to their inks. It could effect the profile.

Whilst this talk was not about monitor calibration Colin highlighted the importance of a calibrated monitor and the monitor being the brightest part of the room when viewing for printing.

Thanks to Colin for a very informative evening.

Next week Dawn Stobbart will be here to judge our 1st Open Competition, and a reminder that all images for the 2nd Open Competition should be with the competition secretary by next Friday – 4th October.

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