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From a Single Frame to ‘24’ per second.-Friday 10th February 2023

Last night, David Robert, Senior Lecturer in Media Arts at Cumbria University joined us in the club to give us his presentation on videography.

David began by emphasising the importance of all images, whether still or video, should have a story to tell, and when making a video to:

· Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate and use what you know.

· Don’t worry too much about the technical aspects.

· Concentrate on the story you are trying to tell, with communication and presentation key aspects. Plan your story before you start shooting, with a distinct beginning, middle and end.

· The lighting and the sound are key elements to a successful video.

Our thanks to David for an interesting and varied talk which clearly showed his enthusiasm and knowledge of his subject.

A reminder that next week John Gravett will be giving his talk ‘Perspective 22’, and the following week Richard Jakobson will be joining us to give a beginners guide to Astrophotography.

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