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Friday 30th September 2022 – The Inner Landscape - Andy Phillips.

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

On Friday Andy Phillips, joined us via zoom to give his presentation, ‘The Inner Landscape.’

The main focus of the evening was how he manipulates natural light to light still life images in his kitchen, without the use of lighting equipment.

Both Andy and his wife are photographers, Andy Landscape and his wife a wedding photographer. At the start of lockdown he began to look for ways to take photographs closer to home, and began to develop this technique. Within his landscapes he looks to pick out the detail in his images, so he developed this into looking for detail in objects within the home environment, including food and flowers.

His images are set up to tell a story and using resources such as shower curtains, net curtains and tracing paper as diffusers and sheets of both black and white (A4 and A1) foamboard together with a good supply of clamps to manipulate the light as he wants it, he begins.

He emphasises the use of colours in his images which harmonise, and for this he uses the Sessions Colour Calculator to help him select backdrop colours and with the use of many textures which he has created and the help of Photoshop to enhance the image further he creates some stunning work.

Our thanks to Andy for not only providing an extremely informative talk, but also a very entertaining one as well. Thank you.

A reminder that next week you are asked to bring in any bits of equipment you may have that are either absolutely useless or something you can’t live without and talk about them. Also, any items you may have that you wish to sell.

Also, images for the Western Area Battle (PDI’s and Prints) will need to be handed in soon so please start having a look to see what you have that could be considered. We need 6 of each from a minimum of 6 photographers, each of whom can submit up to 2 in total. The images in each section will comprise of 1 landscape, 1 portrait, 1 creative and 1 nature. Thanks.

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