Friday 28th January 2022 – Alison Taylor – Coastal Photography

Last night we were truly entertained and informed about Coastal Photography by Alison Taylor from York.

The first half of her presentation looked at ‘What to Photograph at the Coast’, for which she gave an extensive list and showed some beautiful images to illustrate.

These included:

· Manmade objects eg. Beach furniture, navigation posts, groynes, boats etc.

· Looking out to sea – the sea, sand and sky.

· Foam on beach

· Grasses

· The sand and the patterns formed in it.

· Big skies

· The waves

· Reflections

· Abstracts - What’s around your feet

· People

· The use of intentional camera movement to emphasise the colours especially when there is no particular focal point.

· Minimalist approach to emphasise 1 strong subject

· At the beginning and end of the day – sunrise and sunset

After the break she took us on a journey along the north-east coast from

Bamburgh in the north down to Fraisthorpe in the south. Her images illustrated the variations in landscape to be found from the industrial areas to the deserted beaches and bays.

Our thanks to Alison for a really enjoyable evening.

A reminder that next week, 4th February John McVie will be judging our Scapes Competition and entries for the People should be submitted.

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