Friday 21st January 2022- Penrith and District Camera Club Presentation

Last night Penrith and District CC joined us to show us some of their work, and we were entertained by a wide range of interesting work.

The evening kicked off with a presentation entitled ‘Trigger Happy’,

demonstrating the use of a Trigger. We were shown a range of images illustrating its’ use including dice being thrown, tower of playing cards tumbling and the flight path of a dart.

This was followed by a presentation of I phone images demonstrating its’ versatility. These images ranged from landscapes, street art, amazing detailed images of sculptures to macro images.

Then followed a presentation of a variety of images from around the UK all showing the photographer’s love of waterfalls; both the detail of the falls and setting them in their landscape.

Following this we were shown 3 AV’s the first of which showed 24 variations of 1 image using photoshop filters. The second and third showed a wide variety of street art, much of it found in Glasgow, although now, many of the buildings have been demolished.

Another tour of the UK took us on a tour of many of our Cathedrals, clearly illustrating their beauty and grandeur.

Finally, we were shown a presentation featuring the MIOPS Splash to create water droplet images. Some stunning images.

Our thanks to Penrith for a really interesting and enjoyable evening.

A reminder that next week Alison Taylor will be joining us with a presentation on Coastal Photography, and the following week, 4th February John McVie will be judging our Scapes Competition. Images for the People competition should also be submitted by the 4th February.

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