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Friday 13th January 2023 – Presentation by Libby Smith – Producing and Using Textures and Brushes.

Last night we welcomed back Libby Smith to show us how she produces and uses textures and brushes to change and enhance images.

Libby gave a very interesting and detailed presentation showing us clearly how she goes about finding textures and then using them in her images to great effect by combining them in photoshop. After the break she showed how to make our own brushes, again in Photoshop. These were of objects such as flowers, birds and animals and even hair curls! These bushes can help to add interest and detail to images.

Our thanks to Libby for a very interesting and informative evening. I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of textures and detail in images in the future! A reminder that the talk was recorded and if you want to view it again contact Brian for a copy.

Next week will be a practical evening featuring studio lighting and portraiture, so remember to bring along your cameras. The following week 27th January members will be showing short Avs or giving short presentations. Could you please let Brian know approximately how long your presentation/AV will last.

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