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Enrolment Night and Chairman’s Introduction – September 10th 2021

Tonight, the first for 18 months we were able to meet up in person, for the 1st night of the new season. Our thanks to Sue Phillips for letting us use her garden, and for providing refreshments for the evening. We welcomed back familiar faces and two new potential members to the club.

Our new chairman for the season, John Fare, welcomed everyone and gave us details of how the meetings for the year would be run. It is hoped that we will be able to hold ‘hybrid’ meetings very soon as the village hall has now had broadband installed. This would mean that members could take part via zoom in their own homes, or meet in the hall. All the speakers this year will be via zoom – a wide variety from around the country. Competitions, certainly until Christmas, will be judges via zoom, so images submitted will be all DPI’s (up to 4 per member).

Submission date for the 1st open competition is now WEDNESDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER and not as stated in the programme, 24th September.

Images to be considered for entry into the Western Area Battle should be with Brian Coley no later than SUNDAY 26th SEPTEMBER. These are additional images which have not yet been submitted into a competition. Images entered into competitions last season which were awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd will automatically be considered.

Next week, 17th September, Peter Dixon will be joining us via zoom to give a presentation – Printer’s Pie Mono.

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