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Creative I phone Photography – Adrian McGarry - Friday 12th January 2024

Last night Adrian McGarry joined us, via Zoom, to give his presentation ‘Creative

I phone Photography’.

During the 1st half of his talk he explained how in 20212 he had started to use

his phone to take images, rather than his DSLR, and how over the years since

the phone has become his camera of choice for all his photography, and he

described the main advantages as being:

· Convenient

· Light

· Simple to use

· Versatile

· Range of apps available to enhance its’ uses.

In the 2nd half of the evening Adrian explained some of the many apps available

he uses to enhance his work. More details of these can be found on his website,

and he is also forwarding a list to Brian which will be forwarded to members.

During the evening he showed a range of images from street photography, night

shots, landscapes, long exposure shots, ICM and multiple exposures all taken

with his I phone.

An interesting and informative evening. Our thanks to Adrian.

A reminder that next week we will be having a member’s evening when the

future direction of the club will be discussed. This is an important evening and

all members are encouraged to attend to have their say on how they would like

their club to move forward.

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