Colin Harrison – Creative Flower Photography – Friday 15th January 2021

Last night we were entertained by Colin Harrison with his presentation Creative Flower Photography.

He began by explaining that the inspiration for his flower photography was the C19th Belgian botanical illustrator Pierre Joseph Redoute whose work is still seen today on greetings cards and jigsaws.

In the first section of his talk, he showed us his home set up for photographing the flowers, very much home made and readily available to all. The flowers he uses are often pressed or frozen before the image is taken. Many of the resulting images are then put into different types of backgrounds, e.g. land and cityscapes, as trees or animals in images.

Other images are given frames or borders with often ‘grungy’ backgrounds. The flowers images are often manipulated in a variety of ways using Photoshop, and/or a range of other software which he went on to talk about during the 2nd part of the evening.

Some of the software utilised included:

· I’ve been framed – ON1 Effects for borders and frames.

· Flaming Pear – created a reflection of the image with a variety of effects

· Redfield – Fractalus software

· Jixipix – Spektrel Art Software (Similar to Fractalus)

· NIK Collection HDR Efex pro

· Topaz Studio 2

Our thanks to Colin for a very interesting and entertaining evening, supplying plenty of ideas for us all. No need for boredom in lockdown!

Next week Kieran Metcalf will present, via Zoom, a talk entitled Composition in Landscape photography.

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