Cherry Larcombe - Creative Flower Photography.- Friday 18th February 2022

This evening we were joined by Cherry Larcombe for her presentation, ‘Creative Flower Photography’. Cherry first talked about the basics which need to be thought about when taking images of flowers outside: -

· Appropriate depth of field to produce a non- distracting background.

· Taking the shot to the flowers’ best advantage; often getting down on the ground to produce this. (Have a black bin bag with you to lay/kneel/sit on, and a pair of scissors to remove odd pieces of grass, leaves etc).

· Add some interest to the shot – the bud often creates a more interesting shot, or a section of the flower head, or the back of the flower.

· Try to visualise the image before taking the shot

· Isolate a flower from the group

· When looking at the image later, do you need to crop to make the flower the star of the show and to remove distractions.

· After rain is often a good time to go outside and take the image.

For shots of flowers indoors: -

· Use flowers in vases or with other props – Charity shops are a very good source for vases and bottles.

· Don’t waste the flowers. Don’t just take one image, try to think of different ways to photograph them.

· Photo stack flower images on a black background.

· Use dead flowers as well as live ones. Keep them until they have really dried off.

· Think about the backgrounds. Many of Cherry’s images were enhanced by adding a textured background which she created by taking images of everyday objects e.g. Crumpled white paper, ICM on scarves, inside

blank back and front pages from old books, then adding colour to compliment the flower.

· Try blending more than 2 textures together to create a more interesting background.

· Use the warp tool to create more interesting images.

· Images of flowers under water.

· Pressed flowers put onto a lightbox. She uses a Microfleur press which can be purchased from Amazon. This enables you too quickly dry the flowers out in the microwave.

Finally, she showed a short AV of some of her work using a Lensbaby Velvet 56 which is a completely manual lens which produces a softer and more ethereal image. Some beautiful images were produced.

Her talk can be found on youtube by following this link: -

Our thanks to Cherry for her excellent talk which certainly gave us plenty of ideas to think about and experiment with.

A reminder that next week Copeland PS will be joining us with their presentation, and the following week 4th March, Maybeth Jamieson will be joining us to judge our People Competition.

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