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Campbell Skinner – Sport and Event Photography with other things – Friday 22nd October 2021

Last night Campbell Skinner, from Greenock, Joined us via zoom with his presentation.

Cameron primarily shoots sporting and music events, and he shared many of these excellent images with us, alongside a range of other genres, including landscape, nature and wildlife.

His presentation started with a number of images of his immediate locality, this being alongside the River Clyde. These included some stunning sunrises across the river. He emphasised that it was important to take close up shots of the detail as well as the wider view. Further local images showed the same shot taken at different times of the day, different times of the year and in differing weather conditions. These images clearly illustrated that staying local can be just as rewarding as travelling to ‘hotspots.’

He then moved onto his sports and events images. Early shots were of local sporting events, the local tennis club, lower league football and rugby, before moving onto a selection from national and international events. A wonderful selection of action shots, alongside the more intimate images clearly displaying both the players and the crowds’ emotions. He emphasised the importance of doing your homework before attending a sporting event, giving your images a context, of looking for something a bit different rather than always the obvious, and also of making your image tell a story.

His event images ranged from the Goodwood Festival of Speed to musical gigs around the country, and again demonstrated the wider view and also close up detail.

Our thanks to Campbell for a thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable and informative evening.

Next week, 29th October, is our first ‘Hybrid’ meeting. You are welcome to join us in the hall at Bridgefoot, or finger’s crossed, via zoom at home.

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