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Artistic Montage – What I Learned- Brian Coley–Friday November 17th 2023 .

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Last night Brian gave us a presentation about creating images based on workshop he had participated in earlier in the year by Janey Lazenby. He demonstrated firstly how to make new brushes in photoshop which can then be used to create backgrounds for composite images.

After the break Brian went on to demonstrate how, using a series of images of a suitable subject – Brian used a selection of dog images, all taken at the same time, so that the lighting and background on them would be similar. He then selected the images he wanted to create a montage based on his chosen theme.

Full details of how to produce this type of image will be available on the club’s website in the near future.

Our thanks to Brian for sharing, and introducing us to new techniques, and for an interesting evening.

A reminder that next week Gerald Chamberlin will be joining us to share his favourite Black and White images.

On Friday 1st December John Reed will be joining us to judge our 3rd Open Competition, and images for the 4th Open should be submitted.

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