Alan and Julie Walker – Nature Photography, Japan and Beyond – Friday 31st January 2020.

Tonight, we were treated to some wonderful images of the wildlife Alan and Julie had taken on their travels. We started in the snowy landscapes of Japan in winter with Macaque monkeys at the thermal pools, Red Crowned Cranes, Whooper swans, Steller’s Eagles fighting over fish and White-tailed Sea Eagles. We then moved onto the warmer climate of New Mexico and South Africa.

We were also shown images of animals and birds taken much closer to home – the snowy mountains of the Cairngorms with mountain hares, red squirrels, crested tits and red grouse. Owls and kingfishers in Hampshire and finally insects found locally at Drumburgh Moss.

A truly memorable evening. Our thanks to Alan and Julie for sharing them with us. We look forward to the next instalment!

Next week John Gravett will be returning to judge the Landscape Competition, and a reminder that images for the People Competition should be handed in.

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