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Adrian McGarry – Ultimate I Phone Photography – Friday 19th February 2021

Last night we were joined by Adrian McGarry, via Zoom, from the North Wales Coast.

In 2012 Adrian began to take some of his images with his I phone, rather than his DSLR, and in 2013 he set himself the challenge of taking an image every day in the year using his phone. This resulted in a developing interest in street photography which continues to this day. By the start of 2014 the I phone became his camera of choice, and he described the advantages as:

· Convenient

· Light

· Simple to use

· Versatile

· Range of apps available to enhance its’ uses.

He showed us a range of images from street photography, beautiful coastal sunsets through to a more abstract take on objects and his surroundings.

After the break he explained some of the apps he uses to enhance his work. These included Snapseed, Apple ProRAW, LR Mobile, Spectre and Slow Shutter Cam. More details of these and others will be found on the list he is sending to Brian, which will be forwarded to all members attending.

A very interesting and informative evening. Our thanks to Adrian.

Next week, 26th February, Colin Trow-Poole FRPS FIPF MPAGB, will be joining us with a talk entitled People and Places.

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