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Visit by Morton Photographic Society – 8th March 2019

Tonight, several members of Morton PS paid us a visit and showed us some of their work.

We started off with a tour around the Lake District, which included some of the lesser known areas. We then moved on to look at how a single light source, in the form of a small torch can illuminate objects in your pictures with some really interesting results.

We then took a drive along Route 66 – the A66 - from Grangetown on the east coast of Yorkshire to Workington on the west coast of Cumbria!

A journey from Oban to St Kilda followed. We were then transported to Sweden where we were shown a whole range of ‘vintage’ cars, or parts of them anyway. Next, we saw some images of rural Sweden through an Infra-Red camera.

Following this we were transported around some of the mountains of the world, and then a bit closer to home, we visited Iceland; and then, even closer – South Lakes Animal Park at Dalton.

The evening finished by looking at some before and after pictures – the magic of photoshop being demonstrated to great effect!

Thanks go to Morton for putting on a really interesting and varied evening.

Next week, John Fare is going to do audio visual presentation for free and sequence photography processing in Photoshop.

Also, a further reminder that PDI’s for the Chairman’s Challenge (Creative) need to be sent or given to Brian by next Friday – 15th March. The entries will be judged at the meeting on 22nd March.

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