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John Gravett – Photoshop Workshop – 18th January 2019

Tonight, John Gravett made a welcome return to educate and entertain us with his wizardry using Photoshop. He transformed some of our images with a few clicks of the mouse - he makes it all look so easy!

We all came away with some useful nuggets of information, even if it is only that the shortcut key for duplicate is J!!

Next week John returns with a ‘Landscape Perspective 2018’.

A reminder that all entries for our People Competition and the 3 Way Battle need to be handed in on Friday February 1st.

The Chairman's challenge competition is to be held on 22 March. The subject is CREATIVE. The competition will be for DPI images only and each member can submit up 2 images (there will be a single class for this competition). The images are to be given to David Stephenson by 15 March.

The date of the "How to achieve PAGB Distinctions" event at Houghton Village Hall was confirmed as 4th May 2019. Members can supply 15 images (all prints or DPIs not a mixture) for comments. If you wish to attend please inform Brian Coley.

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The presentation by Brian Coley has been added to the Members area of the website to the General Topics page.

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