Truth and Lies – Talk by Dave Phillips  11th January 2019

On Friday we were entertained by Dave Phillips who gave us a talk entitled ‘Truth and Lies’. Dave, from Hartlepool, will also be judging our Landscape competition in February.

In his talk he explained how he had moved from taking photographs using film very reluctantly to digital, and had written a poem which he read to us, to express his feelings.

The photographs he showed ranged from the wide-open landscapes of Canada to those more familiar of the Lakes, Northumberland and Scotland. Although his main interest is landscape, he showed us photographs of a wide range of action sporting events – including several of his grandson’s footballing exploits! Additionally, he demonstrated his ability in taking photographs of a variety of wildlife.

His talk demonstrated his enthusiasm, dedication and patience in getting the shot. He indicated how important light was in expressing the mood of the photograph.

Next week John Gravett will be demonstrating his tricks with Photoshop by editing some members images.


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